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The College of Practical Homeoapthy is the leading institue for homeoapthic education and training for homeopaths in the 21st Century. The college's homeopathic courses have been adapt to the changing economic climate of the times, by allowing students to study with far greater flexibility. We are one of the few colleges that allow our homeopaths to study online. Our students come from all walks of life and they often have to juggle work, studying and children all at the same time so we now offer all our homeopathic programmes as online or blended learning options.  Our flexible homeopathic study programme ensures that anyone who is seriously interested in studying homeopathy, health or healing has the freedom and flexibility to do so, thereby becoming an integral part of the next generation of healers and healthcare practitioners.  


We provide the following programmes: 


One day Workshops 

We run one day workshops 4 times a year. 

Topic are based on current conditions and are highly topical. 

They are based on 21st Century health and well-being. 

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Ellen Kramer our course director runs 4 webinars a year. She is well known in the homeoapthic circles for her

innovative views on homeoapthy and health in the 21st century. She believes homeopthy is a great tool in cure but also believes in other modalities that are essential in health.

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The Homeopathic Home Prescriber Course  - Healing with Homeopathy

 This course provides students with enough information to make wise choices when using viable alternative medicines to the current model of health and sickness model exists. The sickness model (promoted by our Governments, Corporations and the Mass Media) is based more on control and to enhance profits and so focuses on sickness rather than promoting health. As with all mono approaches (the environment, agriculture, culture), we desperately need to change our attitudes to embrace a more holistic and diverse approach that recognises we are part of nature, not above it. Health systems have an enormous impact on the environment in which we live, and so we should be looking at sustainable eco-health systems in the same ways as we talk about sustainable agriculture and fishing.

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The Health Factor Course is an ideal introduction to exploring one’s own health or one’s family’s health and becoming a confident home prescriber. This could lead to a potential new career, either in homeopathy by online e-learning or another natural health therapy. This course is open to everyone and is one which would be ideal to recommend to clients and friends who want to learn more about a field of alternative health or who would like to regain control of their own health.  

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The Professional Training in Homeopathy combines a strong vocational career-specific, practical and skills-focused approach alongside an excellent theoretical foundation which leads to a professional qualification in homeopathy. This homeopathic course consists of three levels and can be done via online e-learning (3 levels with 10 modules per level) with some attendance as the hub programmes develop. 

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The Postgraduate course for qualified health practitioners is open to doctors, dentists, pharmacists and other qualified complementary health practitioners who wish to incorporate homeopathy within their practices. This homeopathic course is also open to classically-trained homeopaths who wish to expand their knowledge and skills and increase their confidence and competence as practitioners. This programme of study can be done as part of a continuing professional development programme (CPD). 

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