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  • There is a change needed in the way we approach education & training and this should be borne in mind when if you are considering studying a CAM therapy.


  • The medical model has gone down the route of increasing specialisation, all of which has led to more knowledge but less judgement, more experts yet more problems and more medicine but less wellness.


  • Too many systems of complementary medicine teach from an allopathic medical model which has failed to educate doctors to think clearly, use common sense and observe what is going on in the human body.


  • Why would we as a profession seek recognition from a system that is failing and whose recommendations on treatment with drugs, diet and nutrition are a disaster?


  • Education should take an alternative model into teaching all CAM therapies and study from a holistic perspective and encourage students to take up a health paradigm, not a sickness paradigm.


  • All potential CAM practitioners should question training providers about how they provide a holistic approach to health and how their particular discipline fits into the wider model of health.


  • The education sector is undergoing a total transformation due to the advances in learning technologies and in social and economic conditions that are changing the way all educational institutions operate.


  • Online, blended & distance learning programmes are a good way of meeting these new demands and at CPH we use these new technologies to help meet the needs of students in the 21st Century but we keep to our basic principles – the body is the healer – the discipline a merely a tool  and a holistic approach is the key.




  • See their own health as the best investment they can ever make. 


  • Need to develop the skill, knowledge, theoretical basis and confidence to make intelligent decisions about health and treatments available. 


  • Want a cost & time effective model in order to be able take control over their own and their family’s health.  


  • Want to use homeopathy, herbs and nutrition, confidently and effectively to treat family and friends for a wide range of illnesses and injuries. 


  • Are already Health practitioners or who would like work in the Healing Sector.   

  • The beliefs and philosophies underlying the theory and practice of CAM therapies such as homeopathy. 


  • The way economics, philosophy, law, and power effects prevailing beliefs about disease and the acceptable treatment of this.  


  • The role traditional, alternative & complementary medicines can play in providing a practical alternative to the current mono-culture approach which is both damaging and potentially disastrous for humankind in the medium to long term, both economically and in terms of the development of chronic illnesses and susceptibility to major epidemics.  


  • The role homeopathy, naturopathy, nutrition, and herbalism can play in maintaining the ecology of health of our planet and in helping us balance our relationship with our environment. 



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