How I used Instagram to promote Homeopathy

When I qualified from CPH, one of the first things I did was to set up an Instagram account for my business. I linked this to my Facebook business page, so the same image was posted to both simultaneously.

I’ve now planned all my social media posts for all of 2020. I post daily! I started with 20 followers, who were my friends and had to follow me. In the last 9 months, this has grown to almost 460 followers.

However, this didn’t happen overnight! I was unsure as to what to post on Instagram to promote homeopathy and to attract interest for my business. Instagram is a visual medium, with people responding to pictures and videos. I wasn’t quite sure how to post relevant images for homeopathy.

My sister, for example, runs a gift shop. As you can imagine, her ‘feed’ is full of beautiful items she sells in her shop.

I had a free chat with a social media expert who I met through networking. She gave me some food for thought, as well as telling me about a website called, where I could create images for free.

It took some time, but I figured out how to use (very easy), and started a pattern/ structure to my ‘grid’.

I started with this format:

Day 1 – Remedy picture and info

Day 2 – Food picture and info

Day 3 – Famous person testimonial about homeopathy/ inspirational quote/ testimonial from my client

This helped me get my confidence with Instagram. I planned all my posts for 2 months ahead of time, and it then only took 2 mins each morning to post them. I also got more confident to use the ‘stories’ function, for more day-to-day updates about my business, hobbies and what I’m having for dinner!

Upon attending a free marketing event, I was told about another website to help me plan posts. I bought a cheap diary and ‘plotted’ my posts. The 1st of each month is my blog post photo. This helps me to promote my monthly blogs, which are on my website. The website ‘’ helped with a lot of the other days. This website lists all the UK, USA and world awareness days (e.g. World menopause day).

I picked the health related ones and created posts for them on These relevant dates were then ‘plotted’ in my diary. I wrote short pieces about each which all relate to homeopathy/health. These form my post content for my followers to read. The other days follow this rotation: Quote, Herbs, Bach flower remedy, Organ clock.

So I have prepared posts about Herbs, organ clock times, Bach flower remedies and health based quotes. I’m a Bach flower level 2 practitioner so wanted to promote this aspect of my business.

It can be a steep learning curve, but all businesses have a presence on social media, and so should all homeopaths!

And that’s it! I have also taught other people with different businesses how to use Instagram to their advantage. If you need some help, or just want to chat about the business side of things, drop me an email!




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