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Men's Health in fertility treatment.

The importance of men's health in fertility treatment & strategies to overcome the main issues Abstract A lot of men, especially in the Western world, do not see their lifestyle and nutrition as a key element to have children or improve the odds of fertilisation. It is partly due to the fact that conventional medicine does not have a lot to offer when a sperm test shows minor or major problems. Usually, the response will be to put the female partner on hormone treatment to increase the odds. The other main reason is that there are a lot of conflicting nutritional advice, and that many do not fit conventional modern diet. However, it is now considered that up to 60% of infertility is actually

Homeopathy for Babies and children

What is Homeopathy Homeopathy is a simple form of medicine, well suited for first-aid and children. It was a system of medicine conceived in the early 1800’s by a group of medical doctors. This was the time bleeding and use of mercury or arsenic as medicines were common practice. Not satisfied by the way most of their patients were recovering; they decided to study the old healing texts and came up with a concept of medicine which is based on the promotion of health and not the suppression of sickness. This approach promotes lifestyle & nutritional changes, and the use as little medication as possible, in order to try to re-balance the body & mind in a very subtle way. Homeopathic remedies a

How well does your Homeopathic practitioner follow the Principles of Healing?

When a homeopath studies a Homeopathy course they learn about the Principles of Healing? A heated debate about what is homeopathy recently led me to reconsider what we mean by principles. By definition a Principle (noun) is a: a fundamental truth or proposition serving as the foundation for belief or action a fundamental source or basis of something a fundamental truth, law, doctrine, or motivating force upon which others are based. homeopathy courses online Steven Covey talks about principles as lighthouses. They are fixed points that are there to guide us. They do not change. They relate to our morals, our values and to those things that are most important – our highest purposes. In order

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