Our Homeopathic College's mission is to make learners realise that there is a viable alternative to the current model of health and sickness model exists.


The sickness model (promoted by our Governments, Corporations and the Mass Media) is based more on control of the sector to enhance profits and so focuses on sickness rather than promoting health. As with all mono approaches (the environment, agriculture, culture), we desperately need to change our attitudes to embrace a more holistic and diverse approach that recognises we are part of nature, not above it. The dominant mode of thought, economics and politics is destroying the planet and with it our futures. Health systems have an enormous impact on the environment in which we live, and so we should be looking at sustainable eco health systems in the same ways as we talk about sustainable agriculture and fishing.


This course will cover:

  • Your motivation to become a Home Prescriber.

  • The basic Healing Principles.

  • The differences between mainstream and complementary medicine.

  • The importance of nutrition as the basis of health.

  • The therapeutic uses of nutrition and herbs.

  • Homeopathic Case taking.


Bonus - You will be entitled to 2 hours - 1-2-1 Tutorial training with Ellen Kramer - CPH Course Director. 


Once purchased please be in touch with the college to book yoru session. 


Useful Remedies to treat some common acute complaints.

  • Fevers.
  • Colds.
  • Coughs.
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea.


What will you get out of completing this programme?


A personal development programme helps us understand our life as it is now. Practical application of the theories and concepts supports us in dealing with the issues, both personal and professional, that arise during any course of study. It leads to the development of well-rounded competent and confident adults who can contribute to our society and help heal not only themselves but act as catalysts for the changes which are so desperately needed in the world today. Our health is our main asset and we need to be able to look after it. We must defend our rights and not lose control of the choices available to us. It will also give you an opportunity to review you career plans and decide whether you want to take the next steps in becoming a member of the healing profession.


All the material requires your participation as we are interested in you applying, as appropriate, the information and practical skills to develop your prescribing skills. Ideas and concepts provided are intended to get you to think and question, not just accept. There are exercises throughout that will help you to apply the information to your own lives. You will also be directed to support material for you to read. By completing the exercises, you will enhance your ability to deal more effectively with acute and chronic conditions for yourself and your family. Practical exercises, self- assessments, and the utilisation of the internet for research will help you put theory into practice.


If you would like a course that is a bit more involved and a perfect extention of this course try our

Health Factor Course. This is best course to do after you have done the Home Presciber Course. 


Ever thought about becomeing a homeopath

Why not try your hand at our Homeopathic Certificate course?

Home Prescriber

  • You will be entitled to 2 hours free One 2 One tutorial with course Director Ellen Kramer. Please book this in at your convience. 


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