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Homeopathy And The Sceptics

I am deeply concerned by the current orchestrated campaign against homeopathy, which is led by a self-appointed pressure group, Sense about Science, and a number of bloggers.

These people are funded by the drug companies, so surely their PR science makes them unfit to comment objectively on homeopathy in the national press. With the strong PR campaign by BigPharma to discredit homeopathy, all homeopaths must now, more than ever, unite in their resolve to give patients a truly alternative choice in Medicine.

We are not a complementary medicine, which is trying to be tagged onto allopathy, we offer a genuine alternative to modern chemical therapy.

Most Sceptics do not understand how homeopathic remedies work, they exaggerate and misconstrue what homeopathic remedies are and ironically see themselves as the defenders of medical science, but in truth they have an embarrassingly poor scientific attitude when evaluating homeopathy and the remedies.Homeopathy – comes from the place that the power of healing lies within the patient & the remedies stimulate the body to do its own healing – they have no power beyond stimulating self healing and they must be individualised to suite the needs of the patient.

This is what makes it difficult to do clinical trials using conventional scientific methods and why sometimes remedies work and sometimes they don’t – this is because the remedies have to be individualised to the patient. They will work if the prescriber understands why the symptoms are there – Cause → effects → andobstacles to cure.

Without understanding the cause in the long run, you will not be able to remove the effects (symptoms) – the obstacles to self healing need to be addressed if the body is to self heal. So from this place, how can homeopaths discuss health with a lobby group whose main aim is to subvert any real discussion on health and take away people's rights to health freedom choices?

They need to explain what they base their science on? Medicine or rather Scientism has no principals for healing, no observational tools, no understanding of the evolution from constitutional health to suppression and then pathology. They have done a fine job in mapping the human body, but remain ignorant about how tosupport self-healing. This is like having a leaking roof – a homeopath would get on the roof and find out where the leak originated and sort it out from there.

Whilst an allopath would simply keep painting over the water stains in the ceiling, as the hole on the roof grows bigger and bigger until the ceiling eventually falls down.

Homeopathy focuses on the patient, because the answer for health lies there; allopaths focus on the symptoms, develop drugs for that symptom and forget that health is more than just symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are gentle, non toxic and non addictive – if skeptics do not have the science to understand how remedies stimulate self healing, then surely it is up to allopaths to prove that the body cannot heal itself, and that only drugs can do that.

Allopathy – comes from the place that healing lies outside the patient and all you have to do is find a pill that fixes the symptoms.

If that doesn't work, then they must cut, burn, or poison; to make the symptoms go away. They do so-called clinical trials, yet they ignore the feedback from the body and call it a side effect – when it is really a direct affect of the drug. Surely this is bad science, ignoring the evidence!!! .

So despite all the clinical trials to make chemical therapy safe up to 40,000 people a year die from adverse drug events in the UK alone – the BMJ Clinical evidence makes very interesting reading? In fact, there are many clinical trials done by homeopaths. The evidence can be found there, as to whether homeopathy works or not.

Do remedies work like drugs – no they don't? It would be like me asking a doctor to prove that drugs stimulate the body to heal itself? When we all know they are designed to override natural bodily processes and the side effects in the clinical trials tell you that, this is what they do.

Hence, most patients end up on long term drugs, adding more and more new ones to cover up the side effects of the original drug, and unless you keep taking the drug, the symptoms keep coming back. In the meantime, all the feedback from the body (side effects) are ignored; so from this perspective, the only real science in modern medicine is the chemical cocktails they create and re-create in the laboratory.

This is not health or healing from a homeopathic paradigm of health. Therefore any discussion about how homeopathic remedies work; their effectiveness; and how they should be labelled – means they need to be placed in the context to which they are used and prescribed.

The sceptics are looking at remedies as if they are drugs, which they are not and they seem to think that homeopathy is summed up by its remedies – when in fact the remedies are merely the tools homeopaths use to stimulate the body, to do what it does best – which is to heal itself. We need to be clear that the purpose and use of remedies comes from a very different health paradigm to allopathy and pharmaceutical drugs.

In a democracy in which the West prides itself on it is a fundamental right of any citizen living in it, to have ready access to the healthcare options of their choice. It is up to us, as homeopaths, to campaign for the health freedom choices that many patients are seeking; especially when chemical therapy doesn’t work for them.

People find homeopathy in their own way, and we must make sure it is always available to them in the future. People must continue to have the right to the freedom and the availability of health choices; so that they can choose natural alternatives if they wish to – especially when it comes to taking care of their own health.

If you are interested in exploring or studying homeopathy or attending our student clinics then contact Ellen Kramer MCPH, ARH, Course Director of The College of Practical Homeopathy • www.collegeofpracticalhomeopathy.com. • Tel: 0208 445 6123 or • email Tessa for help, queries or questions.

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