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Fight Allergy Season with Homeopathy

Get in shape for the allergy season with Homeopathy

Allergies are a very special topic for me as it was one of the reasons I tried an alternative approach to my own health problem. After 10yrs of wheezing sneezing and itchy eyes; and bucket loads of medically prescribed Anti- histamines I had reached a health crisis. Summer was hell, the drugs no longer worked and I was left drowsy, wheezy and sneezy with very little relief. In addition I was becoming more allergic to a wider range of substances,( paint, new carpets, foods etc and putting on weight), all as a result of the direct effects of the steroid based medical treatment.

Now when I see people with hay fever I think you really don’t have to suffer -there are many safer alternatives ways to deal with this. Today I am hay fever free; summer is pleasurable, although it was a slow and subtle process to regain my health.

Hay fever (allergic rhinitis), is an allergy characterized by sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, a runny nose and a burning sensation of the palate and throat.

It is a reaction of the immune system to an environmental trigger due to high levels of histamines in the system because of low levels of zinc. The most common environmental triggers include dust, moulds, pollens, grasses, trees, and animals. However it is also often aggravated by a food allergy, the most common being an allergy to milk.

Allergies are becoming more common and are classified as one of the many ‘auto immune diseases’ ( a term applied to a whole range of diseases from Lupus to rheumatoid arthritis) characterised by the immune system breaking down and anti-bodies attacking the body's own tissues. Hay fever is more common in people with a family history of similar complaints or a personal history of eczema, hives (urticaria), and/or asthma.

Many people who suffer in the Spring and summer from hay fever tend to treat themselves with pharmaceutical based products and Doctors normally recommend the following treatment (if you look at the side effects of these drugs you will note they cause the very problems they are given for).

  • Nasal corticosteroid sprays which decrease nasal inflammation caused by many sources but may also thin the lining of the nose

  • Antihistamines help prevent the allergic reaction and suppress symptoms. (They dry the mucous membrane of the nose but many of them also cause sleepiness and other problems, especially in older people).

  • Allergy shots (desensitisation) may help to build long-term tolerance to specific environmental triggers, but they may take months or years to become fully effective

  • NB: Antibiotics do not relieve the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Auto immune disorders clearly indicate a deep imbalance in the body. Our role, as homeopaths, is look for the underlying cause as, without knowing the context for the presenting symptoms of hay fever or allergies, it is impossible to help the body to heal itself. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the self healing mechanism and support the natural bodily processes. So with allergies, homeopaths tend to place the emphasis on:

  • inherited factors (genetic and social)

  • toxicity (through drugs - the pill steroids, diet etc)

  • environmental factors (poor housing, air pollution heavy metal contamination etc)

  • toxicity (through diet, etc)

  • physical trauma (such as car accidents)

  • emotional factors (grief, divorce, redundancy etc).

  • ongoing stress

  • diet (obesity, malnourishment)

These stressors impact on the nervous and endocrine systems, raising the levels of Cortisol. This is important and a helpful as part of the body’s response to stress, BUT high and prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream result in lowered immunity, increased inflammatory responses and loss of essential minerals essential for the body to repair itself. Every single life process depends on a series of interacting chemical reactions which relies on the synthesis of inorganic minerals. Too much or too little of a particular mineral in the body leads to imbalance and will affect body on all levels, be it mental / emotional or physical.

This helps explain why conventional drug regimes aimed at suppressing immediate symptoms often lead to further deeper disorders as they disturb the natural balance further, as opposed to homeopathic treatment which is aimed at restoring balance by gently stimulating the body to naturally complete its healing process with the indicated remedy/remedies, without any of the side-effects associated with drug therapy. It is from this place of understanding that the homeopath can work out a treatment program to support the body to self heal.

Homeopaths see people as unique individuals, and as such allergies will manifest differently in different people depending on their pre-disposition and general inherited weaknesses. My own clinical experience with hay fever is that the oral contraceptive pill, the abuse of steroids/antibiotics or ongoing emotional stress, shock or the so called ‘side effects’ of vaccinations are some of the main causes. It is important that these are taken into consideration then choosing indicated remedies for the chronic condition.

Homeopathy has many remedies to support patients with hay fever. These are a few of the ones that helped me when I started prescribing for myself but you will need to see a homeopath to complete the healing processes. A practically trained homeopath should be able to put you on a long term hay fever programme to help you on the road to health.

  • Arsenicum: Many symptoms of this remedy corresponds to hay fever; it has a thin watery discharge from the nose which burns the upper lip, but the nose feels stuffed up.

  • Silica: has itching and tingling in the nose and Eustachian tubes, with violent sneezing and excoriating discharge

  • Allium cepa: Itching of the nose and eyes. Nose stuffed up, profuse acrid watery discharges.

I also found that you should review your diet (80% of what you eat should be alkaline based) and make use of these recommended supplements (use as directed on the label and trial them one by one to make sure you are not allergic to them)!

  • Vitamin A (100,000 IU per day) - helps to heal inflamed mucus membranes and strengthens the immune system

  • Vitamin B complex - needed for healing by activating many enzymes used in the healing process

  • Vitamin C - helps to support the immune system.

  • Essential fatty acids - needed to build up lung tissue and to reduce inflammation. It improves stamina and speeds up recovery.

  • Zinc – boosts the immune system

  • A multi mineral complex – essential minerals are needed to boost the immune system

  • Kelp – is a natural source of essential minerals and boosts the immune system.

If you are interested in exploring homeopathy or attending our student clinics then contact Ellen Kramer MCPH, ARH, Course Director of The College of Practical Homeopathy www.collegeofpracticalhomeopathy.com. +44 (0) 208 986 8249 or Contact us

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