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Homeopathic School Review - Cathy Lemmon

Cathy Lemmon is College of Practical Homeopathy graduate student. She would was happy to send through her review of our homeopathic school.

Testimonial, of College of Practical homeopathy by Homeopathic Student – Cathy Lemmon


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email her on Cathy@HealthyHealingArts.com

My drive as a homeopath has been to be promoting of natural health in all whole ways. It actually troubled me to a degree in my initial homeopathic studies to hear certain claims that it is only through homeopathy that full health can be achieved. The principles of homeopathy have always resonated with me. But I had also seen wondrous things happen with herbs and even essential oils. I’ve also long known how important it is to make vitamins and minerals are received, sometimes daily. Raising my family on a small organic farm, I have also known profoundly well how important a good, whole diet, free from non-GMO foods, pesticides, preservatives and artificial additives, preservatives, and colourants is – and how fundamentally essential it is to avoid the “Standard American Diet” (aka: “SAD”) because of its detrimental effects on health. So how to effectively incorporate things like this into my homeopathic practise without feeling I was being a “hypocrite” or even uneducated, as far as homeopathy? I entitled my practise, “Healthy Healing Arts”, as I knew I would one day find a way to work this all in to my homeopathic practise.

Welcome, College of Practical Homeopathy!

Seeing how the CPH had stated on its website, “Homeopathy for the 21st Century” greatly intrigued me. I am a lover of history and know well how this must be known and appreciated to fully appreciate what we have today. However, with a son with autism as well as many clients who have been presenting issues with things that should be as “simple” as foods, I also well know what we have today. I have never appreciated the thought of, “Take this drug to fix this” and “Have this procedure done to fix that.” These have always struck me as not dealing with the actual issues – I saw this as simply putting a bandage on something, not repairing anything. One’s issues are not “repaired” or even fixed if one must continue taking a medication. What is this idea of “health maintenance”? Why should I need to continue seeing a doctor for something I should be taking care of myself?

I also began what is currently the biggest part of my practise, which is the promotion of the nontoxic homeopathic immunisation alternative, Homeoprophylaxis. In 2014, as I began doing what I continue doing today in this regard, this being putting together international conferences for “HP”, I was traveling through several northern European countries, and quickly realized the picture was even bigger than I already sensed it to be, regarding this nontoxic option for immunisation.

And it all fit into why I found what is offered through the College of Practical Homeopathy to be the perfect fit for what I desired – good, solid, homeopathic training that encompassed all I feel contributes to solid health. This includes homeopathy as its foundation, of course. But also, through the guidance of my knowledgeable and near master tutor and college principal, Ellen Kramer, there was discussion on the 5 Chinese elements, herbs, supplements, vitamins and minerals, the importance of good, whole nutrition, and even more. It was explained quite clearly what had been resonating with me for years – that, not only are we exactly what we intentionally eat, but we are also the result of what our environment feeds us, including antibiotics, steroids, hormone-altering medicines (including HRT and the birth control pill), and the horrible processed and GMO foods so readily available especially here in the United States.

Through the postgraduate course of study I have now completed through the College of Practical Homeopathy, it has now become quite clear not only the need to guide those who come to me for homeopathic help for healing of their ailment/s, but also help them realize the importance of eating well, of replenishing in their bodies the very items that their bodies have been robbed of, of strengthening and refurbishing the gut flora, that the energies provided through the correctly prescribed remedy can have their fullest healing effect on the body.

It makes complete sense. And this is exactly how I’ve been desiring to run my homeopathic practise. My confidence in what I am doing has increased immeasurably. I am very pleased with all that I have been able to add to my practise as a result of the focused training I have received from the College of Practical Homeopathy. The powerful medicine of homeopathy, and the whole health approach have been very solidly further confirmed to me

Thank you very, very much. I place the initials you have given me very proudly after my name.

-Cathy Lemmon, BA, LCHP, CPH

Testimonial, of College of Practical homeopathy by Homeopathic Student – Cathy Lemmon


FaceBook: Healthy Healing Arts

email her on Cathy@HealthyHealingArts.com

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